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Energizing the relationships in your life



I’ve been there.

I’ve been divorced. I’ve been a single working mother.

Though I’m now in a long-term marriage that feels rich and wonderful, I know the despair of things not working out, and the search for relationships and trust.

Living through that has driven me to learn more about about my own emotions, my values—–about how to get real in relationships.

I now know that:

Good relationships involve time, space, and attention,
but working on your relationship does not have to be mind-bending drudgery.

It actually can be amazing to discover how to
hold on to a sense of yourself in a relationship,

and still find those essential connections.

Resolving conflicts that have seemed unsolvable can open up even more untapped potential
(and fun). Deepening the relationships that matter to you will enrich your whole

And, yes, it can happen even in a long-standing relationship that feels dry and brittle. You can decide “Let’s Stay Together,” and know you are doing more than settling.

And, often the relationship you really need to connect with is the relationship with yourself.

This stuff works.

How I got here:

Since 7th grade I knew that I would work with people. My history teacher and classmate were arguing, and I became the mediator!

I first went into education (B.A. in English and Masters in Learning Disabilities) and found a challenging and satisfying career with high school students. Meeting with parents and students was a particular interest. A school psychologist told me, “I feel comfortable in meetings with you because I know that we’ll come out with some solution.”

At the same time, my drive to solve my personal issues led me to a variety of therapists and training. And the more I learned and experienced, the more I knew that coaching was the true fit for me. I became an NLP Master Practitioner and then trained in Cognitive Coaching and Co-Active Coaching.

Helping people get unstuck in their relationships is the work that gives me the most joy.

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Coaching sessions can be done in person (East Bay, CA), by phone, or by Skype or Facetime.  I offer private sessions and couple sessions. Click on the Schedule Button for a free 30-minute consultation.

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I stand for good relationships — the kind you really want to live in.