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When relationships get confusing and conflicted, relationship coaching can help you figure them out.

Does this sound familiar?

The kids are almost gone–you are mostly strangers in the night–but you don’t really want to or don’t feel you can divorce–you want more.You are not into gimmicky stuff–you want authenticity, to feel something real for each other (and yourself). You are a baby boomer who needs to work awhile longer. You have some money, but the future looks dim/boring/tiring. Is it all downhill from here?


You are so in love and happy, but uncertain about the future. You are asking yourself, “Should I get married?”  How will we deal with our different ideas about having kids? religion? money? How will we solve the problems after the honeymoon is over?


Your teenager’s behavior is off-the-wall. You are surprised at how a good relationship has gotten so tense. You feel overwhelmed and nervous about what’s going on.


It’s after an affair. You are so hurt and betrayed. Should you stay or go? How do you find a way back?  Maybe it’s before an affair–”Should I?”


You’re in your twenties. You have had a few okay relationships, but you are now wondering, “What exactly do I want?” “How can I know what’s right for me?”


Your co-worker is driving you crazy. You like the job and need too stay there, but you really can’t take working with people you dislike.  You are tired of coming home frustrated, but you just know there’s a better way.



What Coaching Does:

If you are struggling in your important relationships, I can help you take a step back and see things from a new perspective–find out what really is a good relationship for you.

Coaching works like a personal trainer for your brain and emotions.

Together we start with exactly where you are and then build from there in a way that fits for you.  I use both practical strategies and user-friendly tools that you can take and use yourself in your own life. I don’t have all your answers, and I don’t have to know all your “baggage.” We can just begin.

My Speciality is helping people thrive in their most important relationships.


What I Offer:

One-on-one or couple coaching through weekly sessions, working together in a co-active way to find your own creative answers. You will:

  • Figure out where you really are in the relationship.
  • Discover what you value and want, what gives you joy.
  • Find ways to deal with your emotions.
  • Feel confident in your decisions about a relationship.
  • Use new ideas and tools that enrich your life and make it more satisfying.

I stand for good relationships–the kind you really want to live in. The ones that give you joy and wonder smack in the middle of everyday life. The relationships that fit you.

I stand for good relationships — the kind you really want to live in.