Unconventional Coaching

Energizing the relationships in your life



Jan focuses on you completely–listening thoroughly and then telling you what she heard, so you can hear yourself. Then she suggests another viewpoint, or recasts the idea or need, reshaping it in a new way for you, and then, if that resonates, you build on it–go somewhere from there… if not, she can work with that, too.

She wants to get to the real core of what is motivating you to be doing this work.

But it is continuously all about YOU–she is making you work, talk about secret wishes, your real inner reality. It is not therapy.




When I first started seeing Jan, I was skeptical. I thought this whole coaching thing was just a trend, but Jan has turned me into a convert. Jan immediately addressed deepest parts of me I didn’t know how to access and provided me with tools to deal with them. I felt like I could open up with her on anything without a hint of judgment. And she has a way of making me feel 100% comfortable every time I talk to her. I’m not the kind who would gush publicly about having a coach, but I will gush about Jan. She is that good.




Jan has such a wide range of skills and tools at her disposal, and she knows how to use them to the benefit of each individual. Working with her, I have felt truly seen and heard. I have been able to stay connected to the larger world of my “self” that gets lost during the stress of everyday living. I recommend Jan to anyone who is struggling with their personal or professional life.




Jan is smart, warm, friendly, straightforward, and down-to-earth. Many times I had put myself in second, third, or fourth place, but, with her amazing capacity to go deep, Jan helped me sort out old beliefs I didn’t know I had. Jan gave me the tools to be able to replace old habits with new. I now have much more awareness. When I begin second guessing myself, I can stop the negative perceptions and move forward. I can work on forming new, improved beliefs that support positive habits. I now have much less fear around implementing my passions. I am happier.




I am now a better listener and I can communicate better–which is saying something for me! I learned how to stop talking and really hear my husband so we could communicate without anger.

And that has also helped me to be a better parent. My teenage daughter is able to have her say.

Jan gave me alternative ways of thinking–different vantage points, and she’s wasn’t all doom and gloom either. I now have a confidence in what my emotions and heart tell me to do.

I would recommend her for anyone who wants to take the lessons of the first half of life and build an even better second half. This is for people who are ready to take the next step in their lives.




I became aware that when I am in fear, doubt, and insecurity, I respond by playing and acting out old tapes. Not only did Jan help me in this awareness, she guided me into looking at the possibility of responding more creatively. If there are parts of my life that I do not like, I can do something about it.  If I can change my thinking, I can change my life.


I stand for good relationships — the kind you really want to live in.