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September 19, 2013
Long-term Relationships

Has Sex Moved To The Back Burner Of Your Relationship?

So you’re in a relatively good relationship–been there a long time. But the juice is gone. Sex is only on the edges of your life. All the excuses are there. Well-worn territory.

Want to get it flowing again?

Here’s one small, sweet exercise that can take you to the land of possibility.

Over a glass of wine,
Cup of coffee,
Amazing chocolate mousse,
Tell your partner about a memory of a great sexual experience you had together.
A straight up, “Remember when….?”
Get into the details of these memories–one of yours, one of his/hers.
Feel the feelings.
Re-enjoy the sensations.
No expectations. No pressure.
Share this experience of memory fully.
Smile that deep knowing smile of re-igniting.
Fan the embers.
Let it be.


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