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June 18, 2013

Feeling Far Away From Your Love Today?

Out of touch?

Would you like to feel closer tonight?

Here’s a thought:

“Intimacy with your partner rises or falls in direct proportion to your capacity to listen well,” Harriet Lerner.
Have you been really hearing what your partner has to say?
Just really listening could pave the way for some closeness, humor, touching, sex——–connection.
But really listening has some very special qualities.

It means easing out of the distractions inside and outside your head.

It means lowering that level of defensiveness and comparisons, interpretations and judgment.

It means breathing with this person, allowing the words to enter the airspace—–free, fresh, and beyond the boundaries of right/wrong—–coming from the essence of the one you love.


How about trying that tonight, maybe for just five minutes, and see where that gets you……where that takes you two.

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