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Energizing the relationships in your life
February 5, 2013
8:45 pm
Getting Real

Releasing Disappointments in Relationships »

We recognize the feeling. We expected X and got Y, or even Z. How did this happen?! We thought she understood us, or he really cared, but suddenly the behavior towards us doesn’t fit. We feel lost, angry, or sad. We’re disappointed. It so easy for this to happen in relationships, because our ideas about […]
January 8, 2013
2:41 pm
Fighting Fair

That Dreaded Conversation »

Someone asked me the other day about how to deal with an uncomfortable conversation. She was concerned because a relatively new friendship had entered a tough spot. This friend/acquaintance had suddenly seemed irritated with something (she had no idea what), and had asked to meet for coffee. What to say? How to be? She had […]