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March 19, 2013
Long-term Relationships

Staying Current

As you cruise through your facebook or twitter every night and/or morning, have you noticed that often there isn’t much that grabs you? It is almost like, “Why bother?”  Yet you still do it.

But then you have times when every post is meaningful–you are shifting from post to article to response and back. Your brain is lighting up. It’s a party.

Same thing with your partner.

The everyday conversations can seem so repetitive or boring. Then, there will be this amazing early morning conversation that just grabs you both and makes you grin.

If you haven’t had that kind of juicy conversation in a while–carve out some more time on a daily basis, just to riff a bit on your life and times.

Just like social media.

You are bound to have a talk that lights you up.

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